This is from Kathy Westmoreland 

So. It’s your birthday. You’d be 83. I’m 72 now. Funny. Remember the night I told you how much I loved your perfectly pure silver sideburns and wished you’d let them glow? Your smile as you raised your head quickly back and up as you said, half-giggling...“Maybe when I’m 40. Okay?”. Well? Hmm. Just never got around to it, did ya. 
Also thinking of how many times during battle you’d say, 
“Love and Hate Go together’ as you smirksmiled. Then, “You’ll always belong to me, Kathy!’ as I stormed away...”You’ll Understand it...Farther along”. It’s Farther Along NOW, Elvis! And I still don’t understand “it”! 
There really is no name for the type of love we shared. It was just “Weird”. So I thought I’d remind you of one of our favorite verses we read together so many times. Gibran’s thoughts on Love, from “The Prophet” Before we met for goodness sakes we had each underlined the same passages in our own copies! 
Wish you were near...and Hey! I’m still a “Seeker” as we both were, and wonder if you have all the answers now. Good grief! Even though I’m now 30 years older than you were the last time we were together on this round rock planet earth----I sure hope we recognize each other when we meet again. 
Happy Birthday, and...Love you. 

Thank u 
Kathy Westmoreland 2018

When Elvis was three years old, his hair had grown past his shoulders, Gladys sat him down wrapped a towel around his shoulders and cut his hair. Elvis cried when his mother cut the first lock of his hair. When she was finished, Gladys put her sons precious curls into a box and hid them for safe keeping. Twenty years later Elvis received another memorable haircut courtesy of the United States Army. The regulation crew cut displeased Elvis a great deal; long hair was a big part of his identity. Gladys worried about her sons reaction to such major changes in his lifestyle. She knew that he missed his hair, so she sent him the old box containing the little blond curls. Elvis did not understand the meaning of the gift until he read the note which accompanied it. Elvis laughed and cried as he read the touching letter which explained the significance of the hair. The following morning, Elvis called Gladys at Graceland and thanked her for the package. He told her that he loved her more than she could ever know, and that he missed her terribly.


ELVIS and Gladys Presley 
A reporter asked the following to Elvis, "Elvis, I spoke to a woman yesterday and she said you were the most beautiful person she's ever seen. Now, my question is, who's the most beautiful person you've ever seen?" Elvis replied to this question with an answer that Elvis always believed to be true - he replied to the reporter, "My mother