This is where Elvis and Friend From Yesteryear have reached in our studies today after something like 50 years of searching and study in the Bible and other ancient manuscripts . The supreme being who is is the intelligence behind the universe whom we call God . ( I am Jehovah for that is my name , Yahweh) . has sent ascended masters to Earth throughout history . The greatest being his only son , Jesus , we believe . But it is not for us to understand everything . His mind and knowledge is far superior and beyond ours . There are trillions of planets and lifeforms most probably than that which is physical . This supreme intelligence made us a little lower than the angels . Another higher lifeform . But it is also our belief that most of the "gods" throughout prehistory were flesh and blood like ourselves , but more technologically advanced from another planet . All planets are not at the same stage of evoluton . Yes , this supreme being uses evolution to bring about intelligent life . While some planets are devoid of life , many have to be populated . It is ignorance to believe otherwise .