The music starts to play so low ,

Tender words that seem to flow ,

You can tell that he`s lived every word he sings . 

He has a thousand memories

As far out in the crowd he sees ,

A girl who listens to the songs he sings .



Fame and fortune were his choice

because he knew he had the voice

But the truth is in the words he sings.

He`s sang sad songs since that day 

that she turned and walked away 

He`s famous for the sad,sad songs he sings .






Peple stand in the wind and the rain ,

Waiting for his autograph.

They think that he`s got everything 

but they don`t know the half.

No they don`t know the half.



The music stops, he sings no more,

He sees the girl walk to the door ,

She only came to hear the songs he sings ,

He runs and calls  her name out loud,

But soon shes lost within the crowd,

Oh,listen to the sad,sad songs he sings.